Ariyaman Beach or Kushi Beach

Ariyaman beach alias Kushi beach is situated in Palk-Bay it is nearly 27 kilometers from Rameswaram, The beach measures 150 meters wide and about 2 Kilometers  long. I swear that  If you plan for a picnic , this spot is perfect destination. Gentle waves, and the clean environment of this beach attracts lots of people, not only tourists and travelers, but also the Rameswaram, and Ramanathapuram locales.

Ariyaman beach, Kushi beach in Rameswaram

Basically this ‘fun’tastic beach attracts huge crowd during the weekends and holidays.

Where is Ariyaman beach?

It is nearly 27 kilometers from Rameswaram and also the same distance from Ramanathapuram too.

Ariyaman beach map or Kushi beach map:

How to reach Ariyaman Beach?

What’s up for me there?