Dhanuskodi Beach – Ram Sethu view point (Arichal Munai)

Sethu – Bridge, The sea bridge built across the sea towards srilanka by Lord Rama is believed to be started  from here. This point is the the South most tip of the Rameswaram Island. (This point is said as Arichal munai in Tamil).

Dhanushkodi Beach

The Ram Setu or Adam’s Bridge, a chain of limestone shoals 48 km long that once linked Rameswaram in Tamil Nadu with Mannar in Sri Lanka’s northwest. The Ram-sethu structure is destructed  and its connection gets cut by lots of natural calamities such as hurricane and tsunami.

Recent NASA satellite images show clear pictures of the broken bridge that Hindus believe was built by Engineer Nala with the help of vanaras (army of monkeys) for rescuing  of sita from the demon king Ravana.

** Note : The journey to this place is prophibhited during winters, Rain  and Storms

Dhanuskodi Ram Sethu view point Location Map

Where is Dhanuskodi Beach?

From How far is Arichal Munai?
Rameswaram bus stand 26km
Agni theertham 25 KM
Railway Station 24  KM

How can I go Dhanuskodi Beach?