Ekantha Ramar Temple

It is the place which Lord Sri Rama is believed  to  Take  rest in  form of Ekanda ( Alone)  posture on the way to his native Ayodhya. A unpolished crystal stone  shiva lingam is kept in this temple . A sacred well named Amirtha Vabi Theertham (earth) is located inside this Temple. The water from this well tastes like Amirtha (Sweet drink) as per its name . The pilgrims believe that the water from this sacred well gives health , wealth and prosperity for those who drink it.

Where is it?

From How far is Ekandha Ramar Temple
Rameswaram bus stand 5  km
Parking Area (Government) and Agni theertham Bus stand 7 KM
Railway Station 10  KM
Thangachi madam Bus stand 0.5 KM

How can I go there?