Astonishing Facts about Rameswaram

Historical Facts about Rameswaram

  • In the ancient times (before the arrival of lord Rama) Rameswaram Island is named as “Gandhamadhanam”, and it is also said that even before the arrival of Rama, there is an shiva temple existed in the Rameswaram.
  • Historical evidences states that Various types of conches (mainly the Right hand conch ) and pearls (white, black ,brown) are exported to different countries like China, Arabia, Sumeria, Egypt, Rome etc ., during the period of pandya and chola kingdom. Rameswaram acts as a important Harbour in that time.
  • The granite stones were obtained from various mountains and transported to Rameswaram by means of ships
  • Udaiyaan sethupathi with the help of Srilankan (Tamil) king Pararajasekara aryasakravarthy in 1414 CE started the renovation process and the reconstruction of the ramanathaswamy temple by obtaining granite stones from
    srilankan mountain thirikonamalai
  • In 1904 the granite stones were obtained from Ambasamudram ( It is in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu state), and transported to thuthukudi (tuticorin) by means of bullock carts and from there they are they are transported to Rameswaram through sailing ships (பாய்மரக்கப்பல்) named as RAMANATHAR-PARVATHAVARTHINI
  • During the year 1935 British Government Releases a stamp with the picture of rameswaram temple.

Facts about The transport facilities  and the Sea Bridge

1902  Train  service started from Madurai – Mandapam
1906 Railway Tracks laid between Pamban and Rameswaram
1908 Train service started between Pamban and Rameswaram
1911 The cantilever Rail bridge across the sea was commenced
1914 The pamban Rail bridge has been completed and train service started
1988 The Road bridge across the Rameswaram and mandapam was opened


Pamban Rail Bridge

  • Length – 2.06 KM
  • Number Of piers – 143
  • It is the first sea bridge in India
  • It is the Longest sea bridge in india till 2010, now it beholds the place of second
  • The Pamban Rail bridge is called as queen of Indian bridges
  • The first Train Ran on the bridge on February24, 1914.
  • In 2014 Hundredth year celebration of the pamban bridge was done

Pamban Road bridge

  • the bridge is named as  Annai Indira sea Gandhi bridge
  • The bridge was opened on October 2 , 1988 by the former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Length of the bridge is 06 KM.
  • Number of pillars used to hold the bridge on the sea – 77 pillars.

Facts about The Temple

  • The temple covers up the area of 15 acres
  • The outer Walls around Rameswaram Temple lengths East- West 865 feet and South- North 657 feet
  • The great nandhi statue is 17 feet height and 12 feet width and is made up of bricks, lime stones and sea shells.
  • The west gopuram (gate tower) is 78 feet height and comprises of 5 tiers
  • The East Gopuram (gate tower) is 126 feet height and had 9 tiers
  • The Gandhamadhana eswara lingam inside the Ramanathaswamy temple is said to be existed even before Ramanathaswamy (main deity) and Rama’s arrival.
  • The Temple Gopurams are covered by Alkaline resistant paint for preventing them from saline and humid air.
  • The Pillars inside the Temples are painted with Snow-cem cement for preventing them from corrosion

Temple Third Corridor

  • The Third corridor in the Rameswaram Temple is considered as the world’s largest temple corridor
  • Vijaya regunatha sethupathi laid the foundation stone for the outermost third corridor of the Ramanathaswamy temple In the year 1722, the work later carried out by Chella muthu vijaya regunatha sethupathi and completed by 1772 in the rule of Muthu ramalinga vijaya regunatha sethupathi

The specifications of third corridor:

Number of pillars 1212
Height 22 feet 7.5 inches
Outer wing (East – West) 690 feet
Outer wing (North south) 435 feet
Inner Wing (East – West) 649 feet
Inner Wing (North south) 395 feet

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