Gothanda Ramar Temple or KothandaRamar Temple

Gothandam –  is a name of the bow which is carried by lord Rama.  In this Temple Rama blessed his devotees with sita, lakshman,Hanuman and Vibhishanan . Gothanda Ramar Temple is situated 14km from the Rameswaram town. This Temple is surrounded by sea water on all of its sides. The  road at the center of the sea leads us to the Godhanda rama swamy temple.

KothandaRamar Temple article

During Winter season (October – November) Sea Gulls, flamingos  and some more birds made their visit to the palce near Gothanda Ramar Temple (Normally these birds clustered inside the sand pits near Gothanda Ramar Temple).

The view of Ramanathaswamy Temple, Dhoordharshan Tower, Agni theertham from this temple is spectacular.

Mythical Story Related with Godhanda Ramar Temple

In this place  Vibhishna (Brother of demon king Ravana) is said to be surrendered to Lord Ram and ask ram to accept his as a member in his crew.

Ram accepted Vibhisna and assured him that he will be the next king of  Srilanka, after  the death of Ravana. And lord Ram did  the  first crowning  ceremony  of Vibhisha as a king of Lanka in this place.

Rameswaram KothandaRamar Temple Location Map:

From How far is Kothanda Ramar Temple
Rameswaram bus stand 16 km
Agni Theertham 14 KM
Railway Station 11  KM

How to reach KothandaRamar Temple?