Holy Places in Rameswaram

Rameswaram island is one of the famous “Place of Pilgrimage” and a tourist spot in India. It is well known by the Hindu devotees & Pilgrims for its sacredness mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures such as puranas and epic Ramayana. Millions of pilgrims and tourists visits ‘Rameswaram’ all around the year.

In this page we list out the Holy places in Rameswaram of various Religions (say: Hindu, Islam, Christian, Sikh), The major religions in the Rameswaram island were

  • Hindu
  • Christianity
  • Islam
  • Sikh

some of the places in this list acts as Tourist attractions. To know more about particular place.`

Hindu temples in Rameswaram

  1. Ramanathaswamy Temple
  2. Agni theertham
  3. Rishi Agashthiyar Temple and Theertham
  4. Ujjaini kali Temple
  5. Shankara mutt
  6. Theerthas Inside the temple
  7. Abaya anjaneyar Temple
  8. Ramar paadham
  9. Bathrakali Amman Temple
  10. Sakshi hanuman temple
  11. Nambu Nayaki Amman Temple
  12. Jadaayu theertham
  13. Gothanda ramar temple (Dhanushkodi)
  14. Ramar theertham
  15. Lakshmana theertham
  16. Pancha muki Hanuman Temple (Tulsi baba mutt)
  17. Floating Stone(inside tulsi baba mutt)
  18. Sita theertham
  19. Krishna Pranami Temple (near Sita theertham)
  20. Egaantha ramar Temple
  21. Dhanuskodi Ram Sethu view
  22. Villoondi theertham (thrayambekeswarar)
  23. Vivekananda memorial (kunthukal)

Famous Amman temples around Rameswaram

These goddesses were believed as Guardian Angels of Rameswaram island. Bathrakali amman, Ujjaini kali amman, Nambu Nayagi amman temple are considered as most powerful goddesses

  1. Ujjaini Amman temple (near Agni theertham)
  2. Bathrakali amman temple
  3. Eshwari ammam temple
  4. Kanthari amman temple (sambai)
  5. Durga temple (on the way to ramar padham)
  6. Karaiyur amman temple
  7. Nambu nayagi amman temple (on the way to dhanushkodi)
  8. Thangachi amman (thangachi madam)

List of churches and mosques will be updated soon.

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