Krishna Pranami Magal Ashram Rameswaram

The sculpture at entrance of the Rameswaram Krishna Pranami Magal Ashram is spectacular. It is actually a Charity Trust maintained by private organization and it has a Krishna Temple and an art gallery inside it specially for visitors, pilgrims and tourists. Idols of Radha and Krishna are inside this temple.

The art gallery audio, video sessions inside this temple (they charge Rs.10 per head to enter here). The Tale of Krishna and Avatars of Vishnu were depicted here.

There is an electric moving statues inside the Ashram. This place Have a Electronic Gallery about Lord Krishna life stories through moving Robotics.

Krishna Pranami Magal Ashram Location Map

Where is Krishna Pranami Magal Ashram located?

From How far is Krishna Pranami Temple
Rameswaram bus stand 1 km
Agni theertham 1.5 KM
From West Gate of Temple 1.1 KM

How can I reach Krishna Pranami Magal Ashram?