Pamban Beach

Pamban Beach(near fishing port)

Pamban is situated in west most region of the Rameswaram island,and  it acts as the entrance of Rameswaram island,  This small town  is one of the important  fishing ports in Rameswaram.

Hence Pamban is a fishing port pamban beach is mostly crowded with fishing activities. One can have the wondrous view of pamban bridge (Road and Rail bridge) from here.

Pamban Bridge

Tourists can have the view of the Railway bridge, and the sea by standing on the Pamban Road bridge (Indira Gandhi bridge).  This spectacular bridge view inspires the viewer with awe

The Road bridge is 2.03 KM   and a cantilever Railway Bridge  2.06 KM long  (for detailed article click here)

Pamban Beach  park (Near the entrance of Road bridge)

This beach is located at the starting point of the Indira Gandhi road bridge (Pamban Road Bridge) before Rameswaram.  This beach is well organized  and having recreational things such as  Huts, Swimming pools, swings and a childrens park . as the sea near this park is full of rocks it is not suitable for bathing  , swimming or diving.


While playing in the beach park keep your children away from sea.

Where is it ?


From How far is Pamban park beach
Rameswaram bus stand 15 KM
Pamban Town 3 KM

How can I go there?

  What’s up for me there ?

park beach Pamban

Nearest Spots:

Pamban Road Bridge ( Annai Indira Gandhi Road Bridge)

Pamban Railway Bridge