Ramar Paatham in Rameswaram, Gandha Madhana Parvatham

Ramar Padham is a Temple for Ram’s Feet, it is  Situated in the sandy hillock named Gandha Madhana parvatham (The village where this temple is located is also called as Gandha Madhana Parvatham). The word Parvatham Literally meant Mountain, as per the reference  in the epic Ramayana, there was a  mount in this place in the ancient times.

The feet of Lord Rama is engraved in a stone chakra in this place. The Ramar padham is the highest point in the Rameswaram, one can see the full panoramic view of Rameswaram island by standing on the top of this Temple.

It is said that one can view sri lanka by standing on the top of Ramar padham. It is however a lie you cannot able to see Srilanka from here. The view of Pamban bridge, Dhoor dharsan Tower,  villoondi theertham, olaikkuda light house, Ramanatha swamy Temple, Rameswaram bus stand, Sea can be viewable  clearly.

If you have Binoculars don’t forget to bring them, when you plan a visit for Ramar padham (It may be a admirable occasion for you if you bring so).

Mythical Story of Ramar Padham / Kendhamana Paruvatham

It is said that Lord Ram Stands on this place and plan for the bridge, Before he built a bridge (Ram Sethu) across the sea.  And it is also mentioned in the Ramayana that Hanuman took rest with his team mates before flew to srilanka in the search of Sita.

Rameswaram Ramar Paatham Map

How can I reach ?

From How far is Ramar Padham
Devashthana Parking or Agni Theertham 4 KM
Main Bus Stand 6 KM
Ramanathaswamy Temple 4.5 KM