Sakshi Hanuman Temple Rameswaram

This shrine is situated in Gandha Madhana Parvatham (on the way to Ramar Padham). It is said that Hanuman told about Sita to the Lord Ram in this place. The word Sakshi can be translated as evidence or proof in English. As Hanuman evident Sita’s  being in the Srilanka to Rama, Hanuman statue  in this place referred as Sakshi Hanuman.

Where is Sakshi Hanuman Temple located?

Rameswaram Sakshi Hanuman Temple Location Map

How to reach Sakshi Hanuman Temple?

From How far is Sakshi Hanumar Temple
Devashthana Parking or Agni Theertham 4 KM
Main Bus Stand 6 KM
Ramanathaswamy Temple 4.5 KM