Shankara mutt

The Sankara mutt is situated near agni theertham. Sankara Madam, Rameswaram is a  part of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, The tall tower in the Mutt has the statues of Sri Adi Sankara and his four disciples facing the sea. This statue is made up of white marble stone,  8.25 feet high  and weigh about 3 tonnes.

sculptures Inside Sankara mutt

  1. Dakshinamoorthi statue
  2. The walls of first floor tower have the inlaid sculptures (painted) of various saints
  3. The Life History of Adi Sankara is depicted in the form of colourful carvings on the tower
  4. Nandhi statue holding with rope of bell (aaraaichi mani)
  5. Sculptures of 12 Jyothir linga

Where is it ?

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