Shopping in Rameswaram

There are lots of things available at Rameswaram island from things of daily usage to specialties  the list of various things and their available  places are listed in this page.

Rameshwaram Shopping

Sea shells

There are lots of sea shell shops occupied Rameswaram island. You can get kind of following  things there.

rameshwaram shopping, shopping in rameswaram

  • Hand crafted artistic things made out of Sea shell
  • Rosaries and necklaces made up of Rudhraksha and crystals
  • pearl and sea shell earrings
  • bangles and ornaments made out of conches and sea shells
  • Tulsi, sandal, crystal and pearl bead ornaments
  • sea shell key chains
  • Name craved sea shell key-chains and conches**

Where can I shop them

  • Shops around the Temple,
  • Shop at Temple’s Third corridor
  • Shops near agni theertham sea
  • Shops at Dhanuskodi , Ramar paadham, sita theertham
  • Sea shell Marts and show rooms (If you plan for buying items in bulk and cheap Rates these marts best choice)
  • ** Name carving shops are available at south and north car streets (around the temple) and at Agni Theertham

Crafts and Gifts

  • Palm and coconut fibre Hand bags
  • Fans made out of palm leaves
  • Artistic craft items
  • Sea shell crafts
  • Gift items

Where can I shop them

  • Shops in and around temple
  • Sea shell marts
  • Gandhi sea shell mart, market street
  • Kalam sea shell mart, mosque street, near Abdul Kalam gallery
  • Leema shopping, mosque street, abdul kalam gallery


  • Sea shell jewels
  • Pearl jewels
  • Imitation jewels
  • Gold jewels

Where can I shop them

  • Sea shell, pearl jewels, imitation jewels available at sea shell marts
  • Gold jewelries available at Gold shops in varthakan street


Towels, trousers, night wears , inner wears,  hand kerchiefs , dhothis( vestis) , T shirts , shirts and pants, saris etc.,

Where can I shop them

  • Shops near government Parking
  • Shops near Agni theertham
  • Shops around the temple
  • Textile shops at middle street and varthakan street


Where can I shop them

  • Available at west car street
  • Stationary shops at varthakan street (Near Thittakudi corner)


Where can I shop them?

Tourist Guides:

  • Shops inside temple
  • Available at Sea shell Shops around temple
  • Sea shell Shops near parking area, agni theertham
  • Shops at Ramar paadham,sita theertham, Dhanuskodi
  • Sea shell marts
  • Kalam Gallery (House of kalam)

(To download free tourist guide PDF E-book click this link) Updated soon

Spiritual Books

  • Vivekananda Bhaskaram , East car street , Near Ramanathaswamy temple
  • Vivekananda memorial , Kunthukal

General  Books

Motivational Books, Books authored by kalam, general books, Novels, story Books are available at kalam gallery (House of kalam)

Magazines (Weekly, monthly, News papers* )

  • West car street (Shop near Temple Gopuram ) (Weeklies,monthlies,Dailies)
  • Somu Book Shop , Vathakan street (Weeklies,monthlies,Dailies)
  • * News papers may available at tea shops near parking area and agni theertham,Bus stand and Railway stations

Vegetables and groceries

Vegetables and grocery shops can be found at

  • Shop nearby to parking area
  • Shops at west car street
  • Varthakan street
  • Rameswaram market ( nearly 1 km from temple)

Fishes and Dry fishes

  • Rameswaram Market (Fishes, crabs, prawns)
  • Fish companies around fishing port (Fishes, crabs, prawns, squids, lobsters etc., )
  • Dry fish shop near to Ramar theertham
  • Fishing port in Pamban (all kind of fishes and dry fishes)

Electronics and Electricals

  • Mobiles and cell phone spares shop can be found at varthakan street, west car street, middle street, Near government parking area, bus stand and Railway station
  • Electronic products such as cameras, mp3 players, emergency lights, batteries etc., Computer spares can be found at varthakan street, Rameswaram
  • Electrical products available  at Thittakudi corner , Varthakan street

(If you want more information regarding shops and available things in Rameswaram mail us your  queries  and questions)

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