Events and Festivals in Rameswaram (Rameswaram Temple)

List of Yearly Events – Major Festivals

These festivals occurred yearly. The dates for these events  are calculated based on Tamil Panchangam (the book of astronomical data), so they may vary in date ( Julian calendar or Tamil calendar) over years.

Name of Event English Month(Between) Tamil Months Sanskrit Months Number of Days
Sivarathri February – March maasi Magha 12
Vasanthorchavam (Spring Day celebration) May – June vaikasi Vaishaka 10
Rama Linga prathista June – July aani Asadha 3
Thiru kalyanam July – August aadi Jyeshta 17
Navarathri September – October purattasi Bhadrapada 10
Kanthar sashti October – November aippasi Asvina 6
Arudhra dharshan December- january margali Marghashrisha 10

Special Days (Yearly Events)

Name Of the Event Month Tamil Month Sanskrit months Description
Sankranthi January Thai – 1st Day Pausa  – 
Tamil New year April Chithirai 1st Day Chaithra
Thirukarthikai Between November – December Karthikai Karthika Pournami (full moon day ) of kaarthikai
Theppam January Thai Pausa Pournami (full moon day ) of Thai
Vaikunda ekathasi December margali Margashrisha Ekathasi of margali
AAdi Amavasai July – August Aadi Jyeshta No moon day of aadi
Thai Amavasai Between January – February Thai Pausa No moon day of thai
Purattasi Amavasai September – October Purattasi Bhadrapada No moon day of purattasi
Panguni uthiram March- April Panguni Phalguna Full Moon day of Panguni

List of Monthly Events:

  • Pradhoshams (Monthly Twice)
  • Monthly Kaarthikai
  • Amavasai (No moon Day)
  • Pournami (Full moon Day)
  • Sangadahara chathurthi
  • Monthly Sashti
  • Monthly Siva rathri

Weekly Poojas in Rameswaram Temple

  • Somavara pooja (Every Monday)
  • Dhakshina moorthy Pooja (Every Thursday)
  • Ambal procession inside Third corridor (Every Friday)
  • Navagraha Pooja (Every Saturday)

The exact Dates of the events are marked in the monthly calendar at Calendar

Urchavams (Special events on demands)

The devotees can able to arrange following Events on demand by paying certain amount to the Temple Devashthanam.

  • Velli Ratha urchavam (Ramanathaswamy – parvathavarthini Silver car Procession) – Rs.10,000
  • Pancha moorthi Urchavam (Procession of Five divine idols) – Rs.12,000
  • Thanga pallakku urchavam (Golden Car procession of Parvathavarthini Ambal inside Temple) – Rs.3000

The devotees those who are willing to arrange special processions, decorations and poojas should have to get prior permission from Temple Devashthanam.

For more Details

Contact Number :(04573)221223, 221241
Fax: 04573 223230

Pooja Timings in Rameshwaram Temple

Pooja Name Timing
Palliyarai Dheepa aradhana 5.00 AM
Spatika Linga Pooja 5.10 AM
Thiruvanathal Pooja 6.00 AM
Vila pooja 7.00 AM
Kaala santhi pooja 10.00 AM
Uchi Kala Pooja 12.00 PM
Arthajama Pooja 8.30 AM
Palliyarai Pooja 8.45 AM

Ramanathaswamy Temple  Timings:

  • ** Opens  between  5:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM During Normal Days.
  • * During The month of Margali (margashrisha) Temple opens so early.
  • * Temple Closes During Eclipse days  (Between eclipse Timings)

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