Villoondi theertham (Thrayambakeshwarar Temple)

Villoondi theertham is a famous tourist attraction in Rameshwaram . It is one of the beaches  and also one of the 64 theerthas (sacred water body) in Rameswaram. It is situated 6 Km far from Rameswaram main bus stand. Villoondi theertham beach is a calm place with the silent  tides. There is a good water spring situated inside the sea ,it is the main attraction of this place. (Sometimes sea water mixed with that spring water and makes it saline).

Freshwater in inside sea water - Villoondi Theertham

There is a small  Shiva shrine near to the Villoondi theertham . The shiva lingam here is named as Thrayambakeshvarar.

Mythical story of Villoondi Theertham

There may be some scientific reasons for the existence of pure water spring inside the saline water body, but there is a mythical story from Ramayana which states the existence and the reason for the good water spring inside the sea in this place.

After rescuing his wife Sita from Ravana, Rama and his crew flew from Sri lanka to the Rameshwaram, at Rameswaram they perform rituals and poojas  by installing a shiva linga.

After performing the rituals and took  bath in the theerthas (Sacred baths)  Rama with his crew flew to his birth place Ayodhya by means of pushpaka vimana (A flying machine acquired from ravana) . On the way  to his abode,   the crew asks for water in thirst.Rama suddenly took his arrow and shot it into the sea  , the place where his arrow pierced in the sea,  emerged a spring. By that spring,  the crew quenched their thirst and thank Rama.

Mythical story of Villoondi Theertham

The word “villoondi “ literally means “the place pierced by arrow “ and Theertham means sacred water  in Tamil language.

Where is Villoondi Theertham located?

From How far is Villoondi  theertham
Rameswaram bus stand 6 km
Parking Area (Government) and Agni theertham Bus stand 8 KM
Railway Station 11  KM
Thangachi madam 1.5 KM

How to reach Villoondi Theertham?

Villoondi Theertham Location Map