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Why Rameswaram sea has No waves?

Note: The word Rameswaram sea in this article represent Agni theertham sea, located near Rameswaram temple.

The Agni Theertham sea in the holy island Rameswaram is looking like a waveless lake. Many pilgrims and tourists, when they see this silent sea, they have this question in their head “why Agni Ttheertham sea in the Rameswaram has no tides/waves and seems still”.

Agni theertham beach

Native Rameshwaram people also have this frequently asked question, and also they encountered this question from their friends, colleagues, and relatives mere often.

In this article, we will discuss the scientific reason and the mythical reason behind this phenomenon.

The  Scientific Reason for waves in the sea:

The tidal waves in the sea / Ocean are created by the following factors, the increase or decrease in their impact on the sea makes the tides to be large or small.

  1. Winds blow on the surface of the Sea/Ocean.
  2. Rotation of the earth
  3. The gravitational pull of Moon
  4. Ocean Currents

Hazardous waves can be created due to unstable weather conditions and hurricanes.

The Rameswaram Sea:

In Rameswaram island, the only sea which is silent is Agni theertham sea, whereas the Dhanushkodi sea, kunthukal beach, Pamban sea and all other seas have tidal waves. Why Agni theertham Sea is so silent and has very little water ripples.

There’s is mythical story related with this no wave theory. The legend says that to obey the Ramanathaswamy, Lord Shiva in the Rameswaram temple, the sea controls its waves. Another legend says that Once upon a time this sea has larger waves, and created a disaster for the Rameswaram people. After this incident, the sea was pacified by performed rituals and pooja and offerings to the sea.  In that puja, the Elephant is given as a sacrifice to the sea along with ritualistic puja materials into the sea.

The Rameswaram Sea and it’s wave traps-Scientific Reasons:

The reason for the waves to be created in the sea is discussed, let we discuss the reason why the Rameswaram is sea has no waves. The following things seem to be the reason.

  1. The Agni theertham sea‘s Geographical Location.
  2. The Sea located here doesn’t affect by the  Oceanic Currents.
  3. It is not deep or Large.
  4. The coral reefs found near the region pacifies the flow of sea waves.

The Larger the water expanse, deeper the water ( with a shallow coast ) and stronger the wind, larger the waves.  This is the reasons for the Rameswaram sea to have low tides or almost no tides.

Similarly, the ariyaman beach (Kushi beach ) near Rameswaram island also have no wave. To read more about ariyaman beach click on the link.