Rameswaram Beach, Beaches in Rameswaram

However Rameswaram Island is covered with sea on all of its sides, Sea Shores available on all of its corners , all them are not sandy, pebbly Beaches. The list of the Beaches in Rameswaram is given below. Click on the corresponding images to know more about them.

Agni Theertham seashore, holywater
Dhanushkodi beach
Kunthukal Beach
Villoondi Theertham
sangumal Beach
Pamban Beach
Olaikkuda Beach

Every day thousands of pilgrims took bath in these holy seas. These spots also serves as a tourist attraction in Rameswaram. Holistic rituals such as prohithams, yangnya(yaham), tharpanam (ritual for the ancestors who were dead) has been performed in the shores of Agni theertham.

Dhanushkodi beach extends upto 15 Km long. The shore in the place called mukundharayar chathram is safest region for taking baths and playing in the high tide sea. since the tides of the sea is very high (maximum height registered as 12 feet) it is not suitable for the persons who don’t know swimming. The beach bike ride in this sea shore is ecstatic experience.