Pamban Bridge in Rameswaram

Pamban Railway Bridge and Pamban Roadway Bridge

pamban bridge architecture

“It is believed that up to the first quarter of the fifteenth century Mandapam and Pamban were connected by a strip of land. A cyclone in 15th century resulted in the submergence of that connecting strip of land between Mandapam and Pamban. After that boat service was the only mode of transport to reach the land of Rameswaram.” -Souvenir Mandapam and its Environs by CMFRI (1986)

The Pamban Bridge (Road bridge and the Railway bridge) Stands as a massive structure over the Indian Ocean, parallel to each other between the shores of Mandapam and pamban (the starting point of Rameshwaram island). However the name “Pamban bridge” refers both of them, it is actually the name of the Pamban Railway Bridge.

Pamban Bridges are the two’ly connecting pathways of the Rameswaram island over the sea , They connects the Indian main land with the Rameswaram island. The Pamban bridge is called by the name “Pamban palam”(in Tamil Language)  by the people of Rameshwaram island.

These Two bridges stands on the world’s second most corrosive environment and also Cyclone prone and high velocity wind zone environment.

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Where is Pamban Bridge located?

14.8 KM From Rameswaram Bus stand, Situated at the entrance of Rameswaram Island, If a person wants to reach Rameswaram Island , He/She should have to cross this bridge.(If you travel by the train you may see this massive bridge through your window, when the train passes the sea through the Pamban Rail Bridge.

How can I reach Pamban Bridge?

Through Government Buses (Generally Busses won’t stop at Bridge, you should stop at Pamban Bus stop and Walk along the Pamban bridge).
Through Private vehicles, Taxis, Auto rickshaws (they can stop at bridge ). Or You may watch this bridge through your window while Travelling

What’s up for me there ?

  1. View of Rameswaram Island from the Pamban bridge is spectacular.
  2. View of sea, Kunthukal Vivekananda memorial and nearby Islands.
  3. View of the Railway bridge.
  4. Children’s Park at Mandapam shore (shore of farther end of the pamban Bridge).
  5. Dry fishes are available at Pamban town . (They are somewhat cheaper in Pamban).

Paman bridge location map:

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