Mandapams in Ramanathaswamy Temple

  1. Sethupathi mandapam
  2. Anuppu Mandapam
  3. Nandhi Mandapam
  4. Sukkiravara Mandapam
  5. Kalyana Mandapam
  6. chokkattan Mandapam

Sethupathy Mandapam

The Sethupathy mandapam situated next to the entrance of the Ramanathaswamy Temple’s eastern gate . The statue of Bashkara sethupathi is built in the entrance of this mandapam. This Mandapam was built by  Ramanathasethupathi on 1974.

Anuppu Mandapam

This mandapam starts after the Eastern  main gate.  This mandapam is located  after Sethupathi Mandapam and before Nandhi mandapam. The word anuppu literally meant “sending” in Tamil.

Nandhi Mandapam

The space  where nandhi  statue  built is called as Nandhi mandapam.

 Sukkiravara Mandapam

This mandapam is located infront of  Ambal sannathi. One can reach this mandapam through South entrance in Swamy sannathi also.

There are statues of eight Lakshmis namely,

  1. Aathi lakshmi
  2. Santhana lakshmi
  3. Kaja lakshmi
  4. Dhana lakshmi
  5. Dhaniya lakshmi
  6. Jaya lakshmi
  7. Iswarya lakshmi
  8. Veera lakshmi

The marriages can be occasioned in this mandapam by getting prior permission from devashthanam (Temple Governance).

The pillars of this mandapam is sculpted with dwhwara balika and goddess  sculptures, There is a statue of a Sethupathi king Kadamba dhevar in one of the pillar.

Kalyana Mandapam

The mandpam situated in the second east entrance, years ago this mandapam is used for conducting marriages of Gods (Thiru Kalyanam).At present the marriage functions were conducted in the third corridor. The sculptures of Sethupathi kings were sculpted in the pillars of this mandapam

chokkattan Mandapam

This mandapam is located in the west part of the  third corridor, near sethu mathavar theertham,. The place where the west side of the third corridor joints with the west entrance path of the temple seems like a “cross mark” (X) on the roof . There is a ancient game called chokkattan using this “cross mark “ symbol , hence this place remembers the “chokkattan game” it is named as chokkattan mandapam.

Pilgrims can view the temple Gopuras and Ramanathaswamy vimana by standing near Chokkattan Mandapam.