Events & Festival in Rameswaram

Rameswaram Temple Events

List of Yearly Events – Major Festivals

These festivals occurred yearly. The dates for these events  are calculated based on Tamil Panchangam (the book of astronomical data), so they may vary in date ( Julian calendar or Tamil calendar) over years.

Name of Event English Month(Between) Tamil Months Sanskrit Months Number of Days
Sivarathri February – March Maasi Magha 12
Vasanthorchavam (Spring Day celebration) May – June vaikasi Vaishaka 10
Rama Linga Prathista June – July aani Asadha 3
Thiru kalyanam July – August aadi Jyeshta 17
Navarathri September – October purattasi Bhadrapada 10
Kanthar sashti October – November aippasi Asvina 6
Arudhra Dharshan December – january margali Marghashrisha 10

Special Days (Yearly Events)

Name Of the Event Month Tamil Month Sanskrit months Description
Sankranthi January Thai – 1st Day Pausa  – 
Tamil New year April Chithirai 1st Day Chaithra
Thirukarthikai Between November – December Karthikai Karthika Pournami (full moon day ) of kaarthikai
Thai Theppam January Thai Pausa Pournami (full moon day ) of Thai
Vaikunda Ekathasi December margali Margashrisha Ekathasi of margali
Aadi Amavasai July – August Aadi Jyeshta No moon day of aadi
Thai Amavasai Between January – February Thai Pausa No moon day of thai
Purattasi Amavasai September – October Purattasi Bhadrapada No moon day of purattasi
Panguni Uththiram March- April Panguni Phalguna Full Moon day of Panguni

List of Monthly Events: