Shopping in Rameswaram

There are lots of things available at Rameswaram island from things of daily usage to specialties  the list of various things and their available  places are listed in this page.

Rameshwaram Shopping

Sea shells

There are lots of sea shell shops occupied Rameswaram island. You can get kind of following  things there.

rameshwaram shopping, shopping in rameswaram

Where can I shop them

Crafts and Gifts

Where can I shop them


Where can I shop them


Towels, trousers, night wears , inner wears,  hand kerchiefs , dhothis( vestis) , T shirts , shirts and pants, saris etc.,

Where can I shop them


Where can I shop them


Where can I shop them?

Tourist Guides:

(To download free tourist guide PDF E-book click this link) Updated soon

Spiritual Books

General  Books

Motivational Books, Books authored by kalam, general books, Novels, story Books are available at kalam gallery (House of kalam)

Magazines (Weekly, monthly, News papers* )

Vegetables and groceries

Vegetables and grocery shops can be found at

Fishes and Dry fishes

Electronics and Electricals

(If you want more information regarding shops and available things in Rameswaram mail us your  queries  and questions)