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The story of Ghost Town – Dhanushkodi (Part 2)

Dhanushkodi : Night of 1964 December 22:

It was raining heavily… Nobody in the Dhanushkodi city realized that as a signal of Storm. On December 21, satellite images showed clouds from the storm covered 965 Km on the sky.

The Storm got intense and moves towards the Gulf of Mannar region. Fishermen of Dhanushkodi were warned by the government not to fish inside the sea,

People of Dhanushkodi town heard of such storm cautions often, hence they don’t care about this storm too. they believed that things were turned normal within a few days.

All the places of Dhanushkodi were filled with Darkness…

The heavy rain slowed down and, the clouds started drizzled the drops. People believed that the things would get normal the next day, and went for sleep with the hope-filled minds.