Thiru Uthirakosamangai

Thiru Uthirakosamangai is a Village located in the Ramanathapuram district, it is nearly 17 km away from the Ramanathapuram main bus stand. The Hindu God Mangalanathar – Magaleshwari Temple in the Thiru Uthirakosamangai is the main attraction among the tourists and the pilgrims. This temple is specially worshipped by devotees for marriage and child related problems. It is one of the rarest shiva temple possess the three forms of worshiping lord shiva ie) Moorthi (Deity), Virutcham (Tree) and theertham (Sacred water).

Mangalanathar-Magaleshwari Temple

It is considered as one of the most ancient temples in India , In the ancient tamil literature the sacredness of the thiru uthirakosa mangai is mentioned as “Man Mundhiyo Mangai mundhiyo” which can be translated in english as “uthirakosa mangai exist before the creation of mud in this world” Legend says that this temple exist before the age of Ramayana.The age of the “Ber Tree” also known as Ziziphus jujube or Indian date (tamil: இலந்தை மரம்) in this temple is calculated by archaeologists as 3300 years old (research conducted by the State government).

This place is believed to be where Lord Shiva transferred the secrets of Vedas to the goddess Parvati. Uthiram means “secrets”, kosam means “to say” mangai refers to lord parvathi devi, hence this place is known as Uthira Kosa Mangai. (It is also said as lord shiva explains the meaning of the Pranava Mantra OM to the parvathi).

Specialities of the Temple

It is believed that problems related to the Sins of the Previous birth, Jathaka (Birth chart) dhosas, Marriage related problems, delayed marriages will be solved if one visit and prays(goddess and god) the Ambal & Shiva Linga of this temple.

It is also believed that worshipping god and goddess of Uthirakosamangai temple on the various occasions of a day gives various benefits.

Stories Related with Thiru Uthirakosamangai

1. The Story of Thalampoo

Thalampoo (Pandanus odorifer flower / Screw Pine Flower / Ketaki flower) is generally not used as a flower of worship for Lord shiva, but only in this Thiru Uthirakosamangai Mangalanathar temple it is used in the worships of lord shiva, and offering in the prayers. There is a mythical story related with this, let’s see that story in short.

Thazhampoo has a strong fragrant. But it’s not used to worship in Lord shiva’s temple except on Maha Sivarathiri and in the Thiru Uthirakosamangai Mangalanathar temple.

As per the legend this flower gave false evidence in a dispute between Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma regarding their argument on who is greater.

The dispute was settled by a condition as to he who see either end(head or feet) of Lord Shiva is greater than the other. Brahma went up to see the head and Vishnu went down to see the feet. After several days Vishnu could not find the feet and he sat in deep meditation and realized that he is not the greatest. Lord Brahma also traveled several days and could not see the head and was about to return by that time he saw this flower coming down.

The flower said that it is coming from the head of Lord Shiva. Brahma requested the flower to give evidence in his favour that he has seen the head. They came told to Lord Vishnu that Lord Brahma has seen the head of Lord Shiva. Immediately Lord Shiva appeared and was very angry with Lord Brahma and Thamzhampoo for telling lie. He plucked the 5th head of Lord Brahma and cursed that Brahma will not be worshipped at any temple. Also cursed Thazhampoo that the flower should not be used to worship him in any temple.

After This incident the Thalampoo perform a penance on Thiru Uthirakosa mangai temple and asking to forgive it for its mistake, after a long penance of Thalampoo lord shiva offer it a concession that it would only be used in Uthirakosamangai Temple and also he made a concession that the flower may be used only on the Maha Siva Rathiri nights.

2. The Story Of Sahasra Lingas (1000 Shiva lingams) in this Temple

Long ago “Mandothari” (Wife of Asura King Ravana) decided to marry man who is a great Shiva devotee.and she married Ravana , But she can’t give birth to a child .So, She did a severe penance onLord Shiva.

Shiva told the 1000 rishis (Aspirants) who perform penance in Uthirakosamangai, that he is pleased with Mandothari’s penance and he is going to earth to appear for her. He told them to keep the Vedas safely until he returns back from the Lanka . Lord Shiva appeared in a baby form to Mandothari. Ravana understood the child is Lord Shiva himself and touched that baby. At that time, Shiva turned as a fire as he wants to test Ravana.

Everything in the universe got fire, hence the aspirants can’t able to save the vedas as told by lord shiva There is also a fireball grows in the Agni theertham of Uthirakosa Mangai temple.

Out of thousand, 999 killed themselves by falling in the fire, while one of them remained to save the vedic books. Shiva was pleased by the rishi and appeared as Sahasralingam (thousand lingams) for the 999 and one more for himself in the temple. The single rishi was believed to have emerged later as Manickavasgar in his later birth.

Facts and Bites about Uthirakosa mangai Temple

Details in a Glimpse:

Main Deity (Moorthi) Mangala Natha swamy consorted with Goddess Mangaleshwari Amman
Temple Tree (Virutcham) Ber Tree also known as Ziziphus jujube or Indian date (In tamil: Ilanthai maram)
Sacred Water (Theertham) Agni Theertham

Note: Moorthi (Deity), Virutcham (Tree) and theertham (Sacred water)

Uthirakosamangai Temple Timings

The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
(The opening time is mostly extended on Shivratri, Aani Thirumanjam and Arudhara Darshan dates.)

Uthirakosamangai Temple Address

Sri Mangalanathar-Mangaleswari Temple, Utharakosamangai – 623 533, Ramanathapuram district. Temple

Uthirakosamangai Temple Phone Number:+91- 4567 221 213, 94427 57 691

Uthirakosamangai Mangalanathaswami Temple Route Map